It's the Sun folks....It's there.....It's always there....It's always been there.  It can power the Planet with Energy....clean Renewable Energy.

No dependence on oil or coal & NO NEED FOR fight to control it.

Isn't it way past time to wake up & see the sunshine as an unlimited source of power.

Greed has kept us in the dark & a slave to the power suppliers.

A Solar Energy System is being installed every 83 seconds in the U.S.

A job creator, twice as many Americans work in Solar Energy as they do in coal mines.

Solar is generating jobs 10x the national average.

The cost of Solar Energy has come down 90% since 2009.

Solar panels typically come with a manufactures warranty of 25 years, and they last much longer than that.

They pretty much take care of themselves, once the initial expense is paid, Solar Panels provide free energy.

Solar currently accounts for less than 1% of the global energy market, but experts, 

including the U.S. Department Of Energy & The International Energy Agency..

state that Solar could soon be the #1 energy source on the planet.

We're talking about a massive 80,000% explosion.